Monday, April 2, 2012

Lime Rock Park INTERNSHIP!!

Back in October, I decided to apply for an internship at Lime Rock Park, a popular East coast road course for auto racing! "Lime Rock is unique and cannot be compared to any other track, arena or sporting venue. Its fans are loyal, vocal and knowledgeable. It delivers what it promises: Great, safe racing at an historic but modern track, in a beautiful yet easily accessible setting." Visit their website by clicking here.
I've always been one of those loyal fans they speak of, ever since I was a little girl my family would go up and watch the races. As you may know from reading my blog, I'm all about racing and have grown up around it ever since I can remember. By being an auto racer myself, I know the ins and outs of the sport. Having a driving experience gives me that edge that some employers may be looking for when it comes to marketing for NASCAR.

Everyone knows that most people don't get the job they hope for when they get out of college, because a lot of times we hope to be a corporate owner, general manager, marketing executive, lawyer, etc. These jobs take time to reach. I call what I recently received news about a STEPPING STONE.

Definition of stepping stone in my book: A scholarly environment to which one can learn and grow in order to progressively move closer and closer to the position one hopes to work.

As I said, applying for the internship back in October gave me a sense of relief, knowing that I could possibly be chosen to take part in some beneficial experiences at a popular, beautiful, well-grounded raceway. Being the enthusiast I am, I decided to e-mail the central office in Lime Rock a few weeks after applying. They e-mailed me back, stating I won't be notified until the end of March. Within the time period from October til now I had time to create a Twitter, this blog, and a LinkedIn. The LinkedIn has shown great success. I was able to post all of my quality attributes, some recommendations from fellow students and friends, as well as a brief description of who I am and where I hope to be. In the part about myself I stated I'd hope to intern at Lime Rock Park. An old racing friend who used to help me market myself to gain sponsorship saw that I wanted to intern there. He offered to help me out by e-mailing the head marketer at Lime Rock Park, Renea Topp. Both he and I know Renea from previous racing experiences, but he was generous enough to send her an e-mail saying he think I'd be great for the position. She got back to him within the next few days, telling him to have me call her! This news was some of the best news I've ever receieved
in my life.

Mark Hann, owner and CEO of Victory Motorsports, was the gentleman who aided me in being granted the internship. I am so grateful to have made the connection I have through auto-racing. It reassures my decision to be a marketer in the auto racing industry given my background and personal experiences.

I ended up going to a meeting that Lime Rock Park was attending at Heritage Hotel, a recent partnership was made between the two. I met a bunch of really amazing people who I will be working with while interning. I can only hope this internship takes me to new levels and positions offered at Lime Rock Park. My ultimate goal is to work with a race team by being their marketing representative.

All I know is, this internship is the best thing that's happened to me in a long time! I am completely thrilled that I have the opportunity to show my passion and knowledge through marketing for a raceway. I will most definitely be posting blogs as I go from one experience to the next during my internship at one of the most popular track's of the East coast, Lime Rock Park.


  1. A great success story for one of our students! Best of luck in this internship. Dr. Cronin.

  2. I am very impressed with your blogging Lauren. It makes us proud as parents to see how far you have come in your achieving your goals. Keep up the great job you are doing. I agree with Dr. Cronin.... A great success story!!! Love you, Mom and Dad